Clinical Services



All clinical services are provided with privacy and respect for individual autonomy while holding each client responsible for any crime that they committed. Initial diagnosis and treatment planning are done in accordance with the latest evidence based standards and whenever possible, in collaboration with the client and allied professionals.

  • Clinical Practice: This service includes the assessment and treatment and management of all individuals affected by sexual abuse. The process of working together may include a detailed assessment, individual, relationship, family and group therapy.
  • Individual Intervention: This service provides assistance for families or business managers in situations where there is a sexual behavior problem that is disruptive, causes harm, or has not been responsive to prior attempts to stop or change the behavior.

Structured Programs

  • Brief Therapy Program for Men Who Use Pornography.
  • Brief Program for Men Who Use Prostitutes.
  • Brief Cognitive Behavioral Program for Anger Management.
  • Treatment Program for men who are at risk to commit sexual abuse or who have committed sexual abuse
  • Aftercare for men who have completed treatment for sexually abusive behaviors.

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