Stories from 30 years of clinical and organizational experience…


Clinical successes – Individual and family relationships.

A family was referred for clinical care after sexual abuse in the home. Several years of individual treatment, family therapy, understanding, commitment, and hard work led to a reunited family committed to healthy communication, trust, and a safe home for the whole family.

Organizational Change

After consultation with a youth serving organization to strengthen policies and practices to prevent child sexual abuse, a training was given to staff to educate about abuse warning signs and prevention of child sexual abuse. After the training a child care staff person witnessed unusual behavior by a man in a park. The staff person was more aware of the potential for abuse and contacted park police.

System Transformation

Consulting with a corrections agency to create a unique case management system.

Program Innovation

Programs that were created to meet specific needs of individuals or institutions:

  • A program was created for a faith community to provide accountability and care for men in religious life who had sexual behavior problems.
  • A brief program for men who use prostitutes was created to address an unmet need in the criminal justice system.


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